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The Internet is one of the most important technological aspects of modern day life. Many would argue it’s by far the most important. The world is interconnected and information travels around like never before. That being said, the Internet is definitely without its flaws when it comes to privacy, security and third-party influence.

Hacking, or cyberattacks have been a thing since pretty much the start of the widespread Internet adoption. Some people have lost millions of dollars because of poor security and entire businesses have gone bankrupt overnight just because the owners did not invest enough.

With cryptocurrencies, the issue of security has reached new peaks as more people than ever before have their money stored online. Crypto exchanges have fallen to attacks and billions of dollars have been stolen in the matter of minutes for the very same lack of security.

So, when will something inevitably be done about it? The answer is – it’s already being done. Enter, Internxt - decentralized apps and services, with enhanced security, privacy and entirely independent internet. Internxt is everything people wished for when it comes to security and privacy.

With blockchain technology as the backbone behind it, Internxt is has no shortage of ambitions. The potential behind the technology is limitless and if successful, Internxt can propel privacy and security years ahead. Every financial exchange and business will be lining up to get access to a completely secure and independent Internet. Expectations have to be within the realms of possibilities of course because the technology is still brand new.